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Cangas do Morrazo

Cangas is the place of choice from where visitors can enjoy the many and diverse attractions in the Morrazo Peninsula.

Cangas do Morrazo is divided into five zones or parishes and all of them have something to offer:

Aldán parish hosts beautiful beaches with cristal clear waters and a seabed full of life, hence to be described as “the Galician Caribbean”.

In Hío, the parish located at the most western end of the Morrazo península, small coves alternate with long sandy beaches. One of the most important Baroque crossroad cross in Galicia stands here, O Cruceiro de Hío. From here you can also enjoy beautiful views across the sea and the Cíes Islands.

The Darbo and Coiro parishes are a must go to enjoy its historical sights as the baroque churches, contemplate the beautiful landscapes and hike a variety of  routes.

In the center of Cangas you can stroll along the promenade, walk in the gardens or visit monuments  like “La Colegiata” or Church of Santiago and the “Hospital” chapel, without leaving behind the traditional stone houses with coat of arms, and the typical constructions as “casas de patín” or “casa terreña”.

Finally, a mandatory stop is at one or several of the many bars and restaurants in the area where you can enjoy the local cuisine. You can as well attend the many festivals and cultural events held throughout the year in Cangas do Morrazo.