Cabo Home

At the Western end of the Morrazo Peninsula, in the parish of Hío, lies the cape of Cabo Home (meaning ‘man‘ in Galician). Cabo Home is an area of outstanding natural beauty.
In this nature area it is worth visiting Donón, a small traditional village surrounded by farmland and mountains, embedded in a stretch of coast called “Costa da Vela” (‘The sailing coastline‘).  The length of this coastline consists of steep cliffs where delicious barnacles grow. From here you can enjoy the spectacular views across to the Cíes Islands and visit the three lighthouses marking the entrance to the Ria de Vigo: Cabo de Home, Punta Robaleira and Punta Subrido. Don´t miss Melide Beach with its fine white sands and backed by an extensive dune covered in a pine tree forest. Climb up to Mount O Facho,  a small hill with a Celtic settlement and where the oldest pilgrimage sanctuary of Galicia was discovered. The sanctuary at the top of the hill contained more than 100 Roman shrines venerating the Galician deity Bero Breo. The shrines are currently exhibited in the Pontevedra Museum.

The sunsets from this area of outstanding natural beauty are truly spectacular, and it is believed that Cabo Home sunsets are the reason behind the creation of the sanctuary.