Lake Castiñeiras

Near the capital of the Rias Baixas, we find an excellent place for a day out. Castiñeiras Lake Nature Park, with an area of over 50 hectares, is an ideal place for families.

At Lake Castiñeiras you can find Cotorredondo viewpoint, from where you can admire the stunning views across three estuaries belonging to the Rias Baixas: Ria de Vigo, Ria de Pontevedra and as far as Ria de Arousa.

For those seeking rest and tranquility, a visit to Castiñeiras Nature Park is the best choice.

In addition to the leisure area, there is a wildlife recovery center, a nature educational area and a trout fishing area. The park also hosts several hiking trails where you can spot the various species of fauna and flora in the area.